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If you are thinking of creating your own independent brand, Century Hotels will team up the right branding partners and experts.

Based on the vision of the project, we initially work out the attributes and values of the product and facilities. From here we define the genetic code and work out the company mission. It will confirm the vision and build the fundaments for the company’s position statements.
A brand gives high recognition, it is the anchor to the client, and it promises quality, valuable services and persistency.

The outcome of this study will be the guideline and the red ribbon for all company identity issues and will transmit the philosophy onto, but not limited to: design manuals, the hotel logo, staffing directions and policies.

We take care of the operational management of your establishment 
We take care of the operational management of your establishment

Partners and Brands

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An unrivaled portfolio of international and independent hotel brands in our region.

Hotel management

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We create Independent Branding if appropriate and take over exiting soft branded and franchised hotels.

Making it possible

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