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When your activities involve the preopening of your establishment, Century provides you with the necessary technical support.

A few months before the opening of your hotel, Century will work hard to provide you with the support and technical aid which are indispensable in order to observe international hotel standards. Using the plans given to us by your architect, we will check on all the elements which will turn your hotel into a fine establishment, to ensure that your clientele enjoys the highest quality and satisfaction achievable. From the design of public areas up to the fitting of your rooms upstairs, the facility engineering, the façade landmark details, the kitchen planning…, we will scrupulously analyze all the numerous details concerning the proper functioning of your hotel's logistics.

We take care of the operational management of your establishment 
We take care of the operational management of your establishment

Partners and Brands

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An unrivaled portfolio of international and independent hotel brands in our region.

Hotel management

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We create Independent Branding if appropriate and take over exiting soft branded and franchised hotels.

Making it possible

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Century – Bringing Authentic Hospitality into CEE/CIS/CCA/SEE!